Types of kitchen Knives and their uses

The basis of every kitchen, i.e. kitchen knives

What would a kitchen be without the right equipment? Whether a beginner or a professional cook, everyone knows that there are tools without which it would be impossible to prepare even the simplest meals. We are talking about kitchen knives. There is a whole range of knives, differing in weight, size, material from which they are made, and, of course, the type of blade. Proper kitchen knives in an elegant stand are not only the perfect tool for preparing delicious meals but also a chic, timeless decoration of any kitchen. Knives of good quality, properly sharpened, are a true pride of many chefs, enabling precise cutting and saving a lot of time. A good knife can be easily recognized by the fact that working with it doesn’t require much effort, your hand only guides the knife without exerting much pressure. Depending on what you are cutting, you should choose a knife with a suitable blade and a well-balanced handle. Many of us, therefore, have one or two favorite knives in our kitchen, without which we cannot imagine our daily meal preparation. What knives are suitable for particular products? What are their characteristics, and how to choose the right knife? Find out for yourself.

Idyllic breakfasts, lazy afternoons, fresh bread, and...

A bread knife! One of the most popular types of knife, which everyone can easily recognize and use. It is distinguished by its long, rectangular blade, finished with serrations. Why is this knife so special? First of all, because if used well, it allows you to precisely cut bread, crispy crust, or delicate bread rolls without crushing them, leaving no jagged edges and unsightly, uneven slices. What’s more, such a knife is also ideal for cutting tomatoes, cakes or pies. The secret for using such a knife correctly lies in straight, sliding motions.

Carving knife, a must for every barbecue

A carving knife is a slightly more specialized knife, present in professional kitchens, but not only. It is characterized by an interesting blade design, long and rectangular, but with sharp, smooth edges and grooves on the sides. Interestingly, the blade of such a knife is thinner than, for example, a chef’s knife, which allows you to finely cut large pieces of meat into even slices. Such a knife will be perfect for slicing turkey at the Thanksgiving table, as well as for all kinds of grilled or roasted meat, poultry, and ham. No more tattered, patchy slices that look like leftovers! With a carving knife, you get elegant, even, and mouthwatering portions.

Always on hand - the utility knife

A knife that without a doubt can be found in every kitchen, even that of a college student, where we can forget about regular cooking. Utility knives are quite handy, rather small, and lightweight, and fit perfectly in hand. Thanks to their simple design, they are perfect for everyday use, especially for slicing and chopping vegetables, firm fruit, and even peeling vegetables or potatoes. Its sharp, not too long blade has a smooth surface ending in a point that makes it easy to cut into the tough texture of apples, carrots, and even raw meat.